Authorization failure of WhatsApp ChatApp
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2 weeks ago
WhatsApp from service Chat-Api

Authorization failure of WhatsApp

⚠️On the Chat-api provider, as well as on other servers that use the web-WhatsApp technology, authorization failures are observed:
✔️ when scanning a QR code after enabling Beta mode
✔️ the number goes to the ban and authorization flies.
🟢Solution: If the authorization has failed, before scanning the QR code, press the "Clear" button in your personal cabinet, in the Chat-api control panel, which is located on each license.
🔴 If you connected the new Beta function in WhatsApp mobile applications and received a Ban from WhatsApp, don't be alarmed, click the "Support" button and write a request to return WhatsApp, the number will be unbanned from 1 hour to a day, after that we perform the above steps.
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