Reasons for blocking a Telegram account (getting banned) ChatApp
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Reasons for blocking a Telegram account (getting banned)

Reasons for blocking a Telegram account (getting banned)

External integration (for example, authorization via ChatApp) isn't standard and Telegram imposes more serious requirements for customers.

 If Telegram writes that the number is blocked, the Telegram administration had good reasons for introducing a ban. It may seem to the user that he did not break the rules, did not abuse mailings and behaved quite decently. However, the algorithms are difficult to deceive, since they analyze all the manipulations of the subscribers. 

  1. Occasional blocking.
    There are cases when algorithms worked automatically and imposed a restriction for no reason. For example, if you send all your friends, classmates or colleagues an invitation to some event. If you are innocent of violations, there is a way to restore your Telegram account. In this case, you need to send a letter to, where you can describe the situation in detail, if possible, backing it up with evidence. It will take a while, the support team is usually very busy. But after two or three days, restrictions can be removed from the account if the robot was mistaken in detecting a violation.
  2. Incorrect login password.
    The developers are trying to minimize the risk of hacking user accounts as much as possible, so there is a restriction on entering personal data no more than 5 times in a row. Problems usually occur when the wrong keyboard layout is selected, the password is too long, or consists of uppercase and lowercase letters of the Latin alphabet, as a result of which there is an increase in the likelihood of incorrect input.
  3. New Telegram account 
    Also, the reason for the ban may be a new unheated Telegram account. Before activating it, we recommend that you warm up your account for 1-2 days, 3-4 dialogs each.
  4. Spam
    In addition to the classic presentation of spam as random advertising mailing, individual active calls to follow a link, repeated messages, anything that the Telegram community won't like - even a simple greeting if the recipient considers it inappropriate, can be considered a violation. This is possible because any user can ban another, as well as complain about a message sent in public chats and channels. Therefore, the probability of spamming and getting unpunished is rather low. How to send a complaint: in order to report a post in public communities, which, in your opinion, violates the Telegram rules, you should tap on it and select the corresponding Complain item. No less convenient is the Report Spam button, which appears when incoming from non-contacts. From the simplicity of the complaints procedure, the opposite is a fairly common problem - the arrival of unfair punishments and bans. There are several types of punishments for spam: 
    - Temporary and permanent limitation of the ability to write to non-contacts; 
    - Directly banned with read-only mode: only viewing channels is available, and not only the account, but also the IP address may be banned.

What if the account has already been banned?

 Click on the Help button and send a request to Telegram to remove the ban. 

How can I see if there are any restrictions on my account?

Open the search in Telegram, find the @spambot channel, start a chat with it with the Start button. If there are restrictions, the bot will inform you for how long the restriction is imposed on you.

What shouldn't you do? 

  1. Advertising mailing, even if users are interested in it.
  2. By sending links to third-party and internal resources.
  3. Don't promote products, info courses and casinos. Couple of complaints and you're in the ban.
  4. Don't invite to channels, chats in droves.
  5. Don't post messages in chats where it is forbidden to advertise your channels and products. Let the chat be open to everyone, but no one likes spam, so if users don't like your links, they can complain about you.

Telegram contact restrictions 

  • If you start adding new contacts continuously, you can add no more than 15 contacts.
  • If you add contacts gradually during the day, for example: now you have added two, after an hour you have added one, after another hour you have added two, then in this case the account does not fall within the restrictions.
  • If the daily limit has already been exhausted (15 contacts), then all the following days you can add no more than 5 contacts.
  • Also, when the daily limit is exhausted, then when you try to add a new contact, it will be displayed as "the contact does not use Telegram", although the number is registered.
  • Synchronization of the phone book with Telegram - no restrictions.