How a partner can add a new client / ChatApp
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How a partner can add a new client

To log into a client's account, request access to the client's personal account.


Client invitation

The owner of the ChatApp account is the Client. The client will be assigned to the integrator if:

  1. The client authorized in ChatApp using a referral link
  2. The integrator created a client account from his partner's cabinet
  • Go to your ChatApp Personal Account and select "My clients" in the side menu
  • Click "Invite a client", copy the referral link, and send it to a client
my client section in ChatApp personal account

Also, the referral link can be found in your Profile

refferal link in profile section
  • By clicking on the referral link, the client needs to choose a language. And go to "Log in"
main page with Log In button
form of joining a partner
  • Click «Yes», and the client will be assigned to you and displayed in the "My clients" list

Link client

If the client is already registered in the ChatApp account, then the integrator can also send him a referral link, and the client, by clicking on this link from his account, will become attached to his integrator. In this case, the client must accept the invitation, and click "Yes" on the form of joining a partner.

Creating a client

  • By creating a client yourself, the client is assigned to you
  • Fill in the Full Name, Email, and Phone number fields
create client section
  • ChatApp will notify you about the success of the registration and immediately save the client's data
notify about the successful registered
  • By creating a client using the form, the client is assigned to you. Cashback will be credited for each purchase of the client. The client's data is saved in the table below and is available for viewing
my client list
  • An email with an invitation to ChatApp will be sent to the provided email address. The login and password for entering the ChatApp Personal Account are inside the email
email invitation to be a client