Automatic answers based on standard questions

Automatic answers based on standard questions

ChatApp quick response bot is a service that allows you to significantly facilitate and speed up interaction with customers in ChatApp channels.
To use the bot, it is enough to work in ChatApp channels and fill in the Quick Responses Database.

How to turn on the Quick Replies feature:

  • Go to your ChatApp Dashboard and select "Bot" in the left side menu.
  • In the "Main settings" section, check the box - Find the answer in the list of "quick answers":
  • Go to сhat ChatApp Web
  • In the dialogue with customers, select “Quick answers”, in the right window you will see a list of Quick answers created for standard questions, if necessary, use the search:


Recommendations for working with the Bot

  • Try to carefully structure and work out your Quick Responses Base. In this case, it will be easier for your Bot to navigate in it, due to which the number of errors in the Bot's answers will significantly decrease.

Help from integrators