Automatic responses in messengers
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Automatic responses in messengers

What can the bot do?

  • Collect subscribers.
  • Gather feedback.
  • Gather ratings.
  • Automatic responses to open and close conversations.
  • Automatic responses after hours.
  • Quick response search.
  • Monitor sales in Telegram and WhatsApp groups.

ChatApp quick response bot is a service that allows you to significantly facilitate and speed up interaction with customers in ChatApp channels.
To use the bot, it is enough to work in ChatApp channels and fill in the Quick Responses Database.

How to add a new bot?

  • Go to your ChatApp Dashboard and select "Bot" from the left side menu.
  • Click on the "+ Add" button in the top right corner.
  • Select a period and pay for the bot.


How to set up a bot?

  • Come up with a Bot name that will be displayed in the web chat, and then select a license and messengers in which the Bot will work.
  • Set up Cyrillic check. With the help of verification, you will be able to segment the Bot's responses for Russian and foreign audiences. For example, Bot will give answers if the client's messages contain Russian text or Bot will not give answers if the client's messages do not contain Russian text.
  • Select the type of bot. In this case, "ChatApp bot - quick responses" and number of responses from the bot are considered.
  • Come up with and write an explanation that the Bot will give before responding to the client's message. For example: "Look what I found...".
  • Set the connection parameters for cognitive services. In this case, it is QnA Maker Q&A.
  • Customize Status and Display Bot Name, and then click on the "Save Bot Settings" button.


How does a bot work in a web chat?

After setting up the Bot in your personal account, it automatically becomes available in the web chat and reacts to new messages that come to the connected messenger.

  • You can enable the setting "Disable the bot if the employee answered" in the Bot settings in the Personal Account.
  • In this case, if you or your employee replies to a new message, the Bot will not interfere in the dialogue.


Recommendations for working with the Bot

  • Try to carefully structure and work out your Quick Responses Base. In this case, it will be easier for your Bot to navigate in it, due to which the number of errors in the Bot's answers will significantly decrease.

Create and use a database of quick responses in the web-chat

Creating a database of quick responses in the Personal account

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