ChatApp - Integration with CRM

Integration with CRM

ChatApp constantly evolves and implements new integrations with CRM-systems. Up to now the service provides direct integration with CRM Bitrix24 and Kommo, and common API interface for development of corporate web and mobile applications.

ChatApp allows to work with connected channels without CRM in common window for all messengers - ChatApp WEB

When buying a license, integration with one CRM is free. You can manage the integration in detailed settings of license, section Channels / Licenses, in My Account of ChatApp.

Hot to set up integration with Bitrix24

  1. Install ChatApp application in Bitrix24 market place
    IMPORTANT! You need administrative privileges to install the application, do not use account of an employee who could be discharged from the portal.
  2. Connect channels to oped lines.
  3. It’s all done, at first we recommend to check messages sending and receipt via ChatApp WEB
  4. Next you could write first to a client from Bitrix24

How to set up integration of Kommo and ChatApp 

  1. Install ChatApp widget  in Kommo settings
  2. You may check messages sending and receipt in ChatApp WEB
  3. Done, you could write first to a client from Kommo.

Help from integrators