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FAQ WEB WhatsApp

This article discusses how to connect WhatsApp via Chat-api provider, this service is not part of ChatApp, but is used as an integration. We strongly recommend connecting the official product WhatsApp, which works always stable and does not require always connected to the Internet phone.

Beta version for multiple devices

Mode does not work for integration

Integration doesn't work, messages stopped coming

Question from new users. Gray integration works under ideal Internet conditions, requires Wi FI and backup mobile Internet. If you open your phone and see a working mobile WhatsApp app, it does not mean that the routing goes to the integration server. Background mode and disabling battery saving are by no means easy to set up. Setup instructions

Lifehack :

  • Your phone's screen should be lit at all times;
  • The WhatsApp mobile app should always be running on your phone screen.

QR doesn’t appear?

  • Try to reload your account in your personal cabinet, but when reloading or clearing, be sure to wait for 3 minutes.
  • Reboot your Phone.
  • As a last resort, clear the account. After clearing the account will sync up to 2 hours.
QR doesn’t appear

How to arrange bulk messaging to clients in WhatsApp?

Client has no WhatsApp, how to message to him?

If a client does not use WhatsApp, you may use integration with Telegram personal. 

May I add a landline phone number to WhatsApp?

Yes, but you need to use WhatsApp Business application.

  1. Install application to your phone.
  2. When registering in WhatsApp Business add the landline phone number.
  3. At the stage of phone confirmation select Call me option, not “Send SMS”. For details see instruction for Android and iPhone.
  4. Then install ChatApp as usual, set up the phone and Open line.

How many messages per day/hour/second I can send to clients in WhatsApp?

For messaging in WhatsApp use official product for business where the messaging is limited only by your budget for internet traffic.

Do I need a hard phone to integrate WhatsApp?

  • Connecting the official product WhatsApp phone is not required, any valid number of watsap is connected to the official integration. Recommended.
  • If integration Chat-api then the phone is mandatory.
    Second, for stable integration between WhatsApp and Bitrix24 the phone shall be permanently on, setup and connected to the Internet.

Another device uses Web WhatsApp.

When integrating WhatsApp through a Chat-api provider, you cannot use multiple devices and a web browser. QR can only be scanned in the control panel of the provider.

If you read QR code in other application (web browser, WhatsApp for desktop):

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Go to application settings and select WhatsApp Web.
  3. Press Quit on all devices. For example, on iPhone the settings window may look as follows:
  4. Read again the QR code in  control panel of the provider.
Quit on all devices