Setting up your phone for WhatsApp integration via Chat-api provider
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Setting up your phone for WhatsApp integration via Chat-api provider

  • The phone screen must always glow and WhatsApp appear on the screen.
  • Disable the power-saving mode on your smartphone.
  • Allow WhatsApp to work in the background mode.
  • Keep your smartphone always on charge. Do not let your smartphone to run out of power.
  • Keep your smartphone connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Additionally for stable work:

  • Connect your router and phone to an uninterruptible power supply.
  • Don't use the configured phone for making calls and surfing the Internet.

Depending on the model and operating system of your phone, there may be various ways to disable the power-saving mode and allow WhatsApp to work in the background mode. You can also search for required information in documentation for Android / iOS, or in the user guide provided by the phone manufacturer.

If you use ChatApp and the Unstable Operation of Phone error occurs, in your personal profile, open the "Client Status" list to figure out the reason of the error.


Account Statuses

To find out what specific problem with your phone is preventing ChatApp from receiving messages from WhatsApp, go to License and click on the Device Status button.


Instance control buttons.

  • "Clean" - completely clears the integration of messages and disconnects the connection to the WhatsApp account, you will need to re-authorize via QR (messages remain only on the phone)
  • "Reboot" - reloads the license data and can help in case of missing or disconnected connection. Reloading occurs automatically in case of an error on the license or disconnection when entering the Personal Account.
  • "Reload" - a deeper reload of the license, in case the standard Reload did not solve the problem.
  • "Clear queue" - clears the queue of sent files. Used when a corrupted file could interfere with sending messages.
  • "Unlink account" - disconnects the WhatsApp account from the ChatApp license.
  • "Return to session" - if a WhatsApp account was opened on another device, then Return to session will return the session to ChatApp integration.


If you see an event - loading then your phone was not available to the server, use the instruction below or connect another phone, in this case technical support will not help, this is a feature of the background mode of the device.


Help from integrators