Creating a quick replies templates in ChatApp Dialog / ChatApp
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Creating a quick replies templates in ChatApp Dialog

  • Enter ChatApp Dialog
  • Select any dialogue, click “+” and select “Quick replies”
  • To create a new Quick Reply section, click "new section"
  • In the quick responses menu, the created section will appear under the name “new section”
quick reply new section creation
  • To edit sections and quick replies, turn on the edit mode by clicking on the pencil button to the right of “New Section”.
quick reply edit button off
  • If the edit mode is active, the button will be blue
quick reply edit button on

In edit mode, you can:

add quick response button

Clicking “add a quick response” will open a window with a quick reply text. To change the text of the quick reply, click on the edit button in the corner.

add text quick reply button

Write the required quick reply and click on the save icon

save quick reply text button
delete quick reply

By clicking on the button, a window will open, confirming the deletion of the answer.

delete quick response window
edit quick reply name button

By clicking on the button, the field changes its appearance and can be edited.

edit quick reply name field

To create a subsection directly from the ChatApp Dialog, click "add quick reply" in an already created reply.

add new subsection