Start a dialogue from ChatApp WEB

How to write first from a single ChatApp WEB chat to a Telegram user

A single chat ChatApp WEB allows you to start a dialogue with a Telegram user by his phone number or @username.

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How to write first on a phone number or @username

  • Go to your ChatApp Personal Account and click on the "Open Chat" button in the left side menu.
    In the web chat, select the Telegram Personal messenger.
  • Click on the "+" (Add Contact) button and then enter the user's phone number or @username.
  • Enter your message and click on the "Continue" button.
  • The message will be sent to the specified contact.


  • If the phone number is not registered in Telegram, hidden or limit exceeded for adding new contacts, you will receive a notification about it.
  • Before sending a message, you can check the ability to contact a Telegram user by phone number by clicking on the "Check number" button (Red handset).
  • Telegram restrictions allow you to write only 15 new contacts per day. To bypass the restriction, use the synchronization of contacts on your mobile device.

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