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ChatApp Partner Program

The data program is valid only for official partners of Bitrix24, amoCRM, 1c franchisees.

Cashback when buying your ChatApp licenses 20%

Cashback when purchasing licenses of your clients: for the first payment of a new user, cashback is 20%. For subsequent payments 10%.

Partners can post their cases on our resources - the “Partner Cases” page, a Telegram channel, to receive applications for the implementation of ChatApp from our audience.

Requirement for the content of cases:

How do I get a reward?

Cashback is credited to the balance in your personal account and can be used to purchase ChatApp licenses.

The remuneration is accrued for the clients assigned to the data. The client is assigned to a data when clicking on the data's referral link. Send a referral link to the client and he will be linked automatically.

Cookies are stored for 30 days, so on a repeated visit, the client will remain assigned to you. Information about your client is stored and transmitted to us to accred your remuneration.

NFR license

A partner receives a free ChatApp license if they have attracted 1 new customer in the past 30 days.

The free license includes all integrated messengers - WhatsApp of the chat-api provider, WhatsApp business API, Telegram personal, which are integrated into the CRM systems of Bitrix24 and amoCRM, with access to WEB-chat and the ChatApp business mobile application.