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5 months ago

Updates in ChatApp 11.12–15.12

🚀 Updates in ChatApp for the last week!

We continue to work on improving the service to make it more convenient and functional for users. Here's what's new with us:


The following errors have been fixed:

  • Problem with the inability to send a file 📨;
  • Message is not shown as “read” when sending a file ✅;
  • Incorrect update of company status when opening a shift between two accounts 💭;
  • Unable to send archive 7z 📚;
  • Displaying dialogs of another account when switching to a second one 📲;
  • Displaying incorrect information about the client and operator 📃;
  • Incorrect distribution of those responsible by level ⏫;
  • Synchronization of the responsible person with Bitrix24, in which the responsible person does not change to the currently specified one 🔄;
  • The “Recover Password” button always opens a page in English 🔤;
  • Removing text when adding a photo to the input field ❌;
  • Problem with the disappearance of the company panel after using a width of less than 700 px 📴;
  • Problem with incomplete text copying 📑;
  • The person in charge does not change when the level changes 👑;
  • Copying and pasting via Ctrl + V and Ctrl + C does not work on Windows OS 📑;
  • Duplicate number in the filter when changing settings 📚;
  • Incorrect display of username in the client profile 🔖;
  • There is no localization of the search bar and results 🔍;
  • Incorrect display of dialog settings on macOS 📈;
  • There is no playback error when listening to legacy audio files 🔇;
  • Displaying the emoji color picker outside the browser window 👀;
  • There is no error if there is no integration with CRM 📛;
  • Invalid assignment of the symbol “*” 📌;
  • Problem with copying text on the Russian layout 📑;
  • Implemented markdown in Telegram Personal 📥.

Bot constructor:

  • The “Feedback” script will no longer send a message after deleting the bot 🔉;
  • The non-working hours bot now does not work during working hours 🔕;
  • We fixed a bug due to which the script stopped after the “Waiting” block ✋;
  • If you replace the “Incoming webhook” with a start block, the original script remains published ✅;
  • Fixed incorrect display of published scenarios 📋;
  • Fixed a bug in the operation of the condition success = false 🚩;
  • Now deleted scripts will not fire spontaneously ➰;
  • We set up the correct saving of data in the fields of CRM blocks 📩;
  • We updated the model and functions of the “Pause” block 💫;
  • In the bot designer, in the “Pause” block, we added a hint for the correct alignment of the date 🔎;
  • For the “Pause” block, we added a new result, calendar and the ability to enter a variable 📆.

Personal Area:

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of company information in the personal account 🏢;
  • Now an email with your username and password will not end up in spam 📧;
  • Fixed a bug in displaying a line that the client refused 🔴;
  • Fixed an issue that limited the choice of the company's closing time 🕧;
  • Fixed the problem with incorrect import of employees from Bitrix24 🔀;
  • Increased the loading speed of the line issuing page 🌠;
  • A line that is not accessible is no longer displayed 📱;
  • Added a button “Unsubscribe” from the line ❌;
  • When creating bots, messengers available for integration are correctly displayed 📲;
  • Now changes in the company’s work schedule are applied immediately 🏪;
  • The user in the responsible status is displayed correctly 💼;
  • Fixed the problem with the absence of letters of invitation to the company in the mail 📮;
  • Fixed problem with saving distribution levels ⏩;
  • When you re-submit the form, the partner status is replaced immediately 🌞;
  • Fixed a bug with the missing code for binding/unlinking Telegram 🔗.

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