ChatApp - messengers aggregator for business

ChatApp - center of messengers. Operational messaging with a clients

Instant and stable communication with clients through messengers with adaptation for business and CRM

Benefits and advantages for business

Automatic dialogues and artificial intelligence

Savings on communication services

Instant contact with the client

Ability to write to a client first. Initiate dialogues with a clients in messengers, show that prompt communication is possible with you in the most convenient format.

The most popular communication methods

Connecting several popular instant messengers at once: WhatsApp and Telegram.

Workflow through messengers

Business management from chat. The trigger launches the desired automation rule for a commercial phrase or customer segment.

Control and development of communications

It's easier to correct and train employees using dialogues linked to deals and clients.Every client is tracked and verified.

Collective and group communications

Any employee can connect to the dialogue, transfer the client through the chain to colleagues, write hidden (visible only to colleagues) messages. The leader can control the dialogues.

Document flow through instant messengers

Business cards, presentations, price lists, accounting and business documents are sent via fast communication channels and saved in the client's phone gallery.

Always online

Acceptance of applications and appeals at any time: with excessive workload of employees, after hours, on weekends. The clients' appeal will be recorded, an automated business process will be launched, automation rules and bots will answer on standard questions, send prices or links to the information requested by clients, the client will not leave to look for competitors.


The ability to connect many numbers for each department, project.

Messengers for business


The most famous messenger, using which the company is always in touch with customers.

Telegram numbered

An exclusive solution, the ability to send messages to a client on Telegram, knowing only the phone number.

CRM integration


Watch the video review


Watch the video review

One tariff

Select the desired options and find out the cost

The cost of the license is from $11.



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