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WhatsApp Business API

Official integration of WhatsApp for business

Free of charge when connected

ChatApp Dialog

One window for all messengers

ChatApp Business

Mobile app for work in messengers

ChatApp smart messaging

Handy tool for successful messenger marketing

Integration with CRM

Bitrix24, AmoCRM or with any other CRM via open API

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We’ll help to get official WhatsApp number, set up integration and explain how to use

What do we offer?

Unlimited number of operators and allocated access to chats

Unlimited number of dialogs and messages in a channel within 24-hour window

Unlimited messaging and chat-bots with buttons

Instant sending and receipt of messages without delay

Price of WhatsApp Business API connection

The longer the better! Cashback up to 20% of license price

1 month
6 months
+10% cashback: $51
12 months
+15% cashback: $153
24 months
+20% cashback: $408
50% discount for developers using only API for channels connection
Build up your own fare Pay only for features you need

Reliable WhatsApp integration with your CRM system

Take ready-made integration with Bitrix24, AmoCRM or create your own integration with any other CRM via open API

Start using WhatsApp Business API with ChatApp right now

Stable communication channel

Direct integration with WhatsApp IT infrastructure provides smooth performance of a channel, without shady schemes and risk of company’s phone number lockup

Official messaging in WhatsApp

Built in tools of bulk messaging to clients within license agreement with WhatsApp

Brand confidence and clients loyalty

Company’s name instead of phone number and the green mark of authorized business increase confidence in your company and set you off among all dialogs.

Filled business profile of the company

Emphasizes the status of the company before your clients and provides cooperation reliance.

Buttons in messages

Add interactive buttons to a message which allow your client to reply you in one click without the need to type a text. Use buttons as an invite to go to web-site or as a quick response.

How it works

  • Business confirmation in Facebook Business Manager

  • Number activation and approval of message templates

  • Set up and integration of WhatsApp Business API

  • ЗStarting communication channel and messaging to clients in a database

Important notes on WhatsApp Business API

What is 24-hour window?

All messaging with a client takes place within 24-hour window (messaging, dialog). To initiate the dialog (write first) you should send a predefined message. After 24 the window is automatically closed. If the issue is not solved with the client within this period, you need to send the predefined message again to reinitiate the chat.

Is bulk messaging available?

Yes. Bulk messaging based on ready templates is available. Before messaging to clients on your initiative outside the 24-hour window, company should obtain the agreement to receive messages. It could be done in various ways, both in WhatsApp, and otherwise Learn more

What is a predefined message?

It is a message made using specific template. It has intended to help a user by providing useful information or important data. Using predefined messages, you may initiate communication with clients and smoothly lead them to sells or other required target activities. Content of predefined messages mandatorily shall be approved with WhatsApp. We will help to prepare predefined messages in such a way that ensures approval by WhatsApp during check and suits for your business goals.

How much will I finally pay for WhatsApp Business API?

  1. Price of ChatApp license depending on the number of connected channels
  2. Surcharge for sent predefined messages. Price of predefined messages sending is not included to the price of license. Sending of predefined messages is included to the deposit, which is assigned to you during registration. You may spend the deposit either in a month, or in the whole work period (for example, a year). At reasonable work with clients database this surcharge will be small

How long does connection take?

In average is takes 2 weeks. Within this period WhatsApp checks request compliance with its standards and policies, checks information on your company and predefined messages.

Could valid WhatsApp number be connected?

Yes. For connection you may use any phone number (cell, landline, 8-800) which could receive SMS or call verifying the number. For valid number the WhatsApp account shall be deleted (the account, not the application).

Do you need running cell phone with WhatsApp application for work?

No, you do not. Works without the phone

What is the difference between WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business application?

In dialogs WABA is highlighted as a business. Any number of operators may use WhatsApp Business API for communication, using any chat or bot platform. Only one operator may use WhatsApp Business app either via phone, or via WhatsApp desktop version

Any questions or doubts?

Contact us and we will tell how ChatApp may help your business!

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