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ChatApp Knowledge base

ChatApp – service for popular messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Avito and Vkontakte) integration to CRM-systems (Bitrix24, AmoCRM, YClients).

Permanent online communication with clients is an important competitive advantage of any business.

New users of ChatApp are recommended to start with mastering a tool for all employees’ communication with clients in shared chat window. The next steps may be thefollowing:

  • automation of business-processes by robots and bots;
  • setting of automatic responses;
  • development and maintenance of quick responses database;
  • categorization of users;
  • implementation of tags system allowing to segment a client database into categories.

Detailed instructions are given in the Knowledge base, where you can find answers to all questions:

  • how to start and how to connect WhatsApp and Telegram channels;
  • how to install and set up the application inside the CRM-system (Bitrix24 or Amo);
  • how to write first to a client in WhatsApp or Telegram using CRM;
  • how to receive messages from messengers to the CRM-system and how to assign responsible users;
  • how to implement robots, bots and other automatic activities.

It’s quite easy to make everything out by reading carefully detailed instructions from the Knowledge base, and if something is an issue you could always contact the tech support.

If you want to implement all the features of messengers integration either without entering into details of CRM setup, or you have no time or available experienced specialists, then the ChatApp has a list of proven partners who will help to integrate messengers and setup business processes directly for specific aspects of your business.

You may not even realize how many processes could be automized or optimized, and experienced specialists will help you with that. The list of partners. The list of partners.

ChatApp is developing, expands its functionality, implements new integrations of CRM-systems and new messengers so the Knowledge base is permanently updated. If you have not found an answer to your question, please contact the tech support to get a quick help and soon the answer to your question will be here to assist new clients.