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ChatApp Assistant

An application for searching for typical and quick answers in messengers from the company's knowledge base.

The application is in beta testing, bugs are possible.


Now templates will always be at hand, and keyword search will eliminate the need to manually search for the answer. ChatApp Assistant will help the operator find typical answers for any communication channels from the company's knowledge base.


Now the only link between the client and the Company is the operator


The ability to quickly respond to the client in a pop-up called by hotkeys

Online consultations

Directly in chats - expand your database and reduce customer response time

Knowledge base

Filling the knowledge base, you can feed the answers to the bot, continuously training it

All operators

are experts in communication channels

Company knowledge base

  • customer application information



    translation conversion change


    Now the only link between the client and the Company is the operator.

  • How to connect Telegram?

    In billing cabinet


    Employees receive new questions from customers and collect ready-made answers.

  • In billing cabinet

    Set up Telegram in billing cab


    The team can independently manage the knowledge base - correct the wording and answers.

Effective customer service solution

Who is the app for?

ChatApp Assistant will cope with highly loaded lines in various business areas if you need ready-made information for existing customers in chats:


Even with competent content and good usability, users still have questions about product design, characteristics, differences between certain models when choosing, comparing, adding to the cart and paying.


IT companies, digital service providers - consultations, technical support on software features and settings, hardware solutions, assistance to regional Internet and cable TV providers.


Уточнения по записям на прием к профильному врачу, стоимость услуг, время приема, условия для сдачи анализов и диагностики.


Assistance to reservation departments, feedback from visitors to establishments, consultations and project support, SERM.


Initial consultations on certain issues, recording, clarification of the cost of services.


Consultations on procedures, effects, indications and contraindications, appointment with specialists.


Homework, instructions for implementation, test exercises.

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