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Messengers integration with Kommo

Handy and reliable integration for communication with customers in messengers and social media

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Start a chat with a customer

  • Personal user accounts, it may be used by a business when the number of conversations is low


  • Pusiness account, keeps reputation of serious companies safe. Status of a business account is confirmed with a green tick and distinguishes from other users in the list of chats

    WhatsApp Buisness

  • Is registered as a personal account of an employee, use it to start a chat with customers. Take care of customers' databases, allocating accounts for employees and connecting them to ChatApp


Receive customers addresses

  • Is a business account, used for receipt of addresses from company's website

    Telegram Bot

  • Is a connection of Vkontakte social media business account, works with messages and comments received from social media


  • Is a business account, used for receipt of addresses from company's website

    Viber Bot

  • Processing of addresses received from Avito online classified. Answer to customers in a common window or set up automation and bot


  • Processing of addresses received from Email. Answer to customers in a common window or set up automation and bot


Platform features

Do not wait for a customer to write to you, write him yourself. Channels available:

  • WhatsApp WEB (by phone number)
  • WhatsApp business API (by phone number)
  • Telegram personal (by username or by phone number)
  • Assignment of employees’ access to chats: by roles in CRM, by users and channels, by channels roles in ChatApp
  • Increase of chats quality due to knowledge database and standard answers improvement
  • Monitoring the actions of employees to analyze the quality of their dialogues

Powerful constructor of bots inside CRM for deals advance along the sales pipeline and profit advance:

  • Messages sending
  • Sending files, images, documents
  • Sending WABA templates
  • Configurator of conditions, control of channels and messengers

Creation of chats with customers from Kommo using ChatApp Dialog. Available for iOS, Android or online

  • Connection of several channels and numbers - enable all channels used by your customers
  • Automatic creation of deals and contacts – customers write from messengers and contacts database grows, contacts, profile pictures and chats are saved
  • Full synchronization – saving of all chats from messengers and CRM in a common database
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Frequently asked questions

It could be done by selecting a required pipeline in ChatApp integration settings

If messenger icon is highlighted with a color in a deal card then you can write to this customer in the specific messenger

In a deal or contact cards there are messenger icons by clicking on which you can start a chat. You may start a chat with a customer in Kommo by a phone number (@username or client ID for Telegram personal channel)

Yes, you may use ChatApp widgets in Salesbot: send a message, send a file, set a tag, etc

Logic widget will help to set up correct bot's logic and will define a messenger

Yes, you can. Group chats from Telegram, WhatsApp and other messengers are created in special cards that allows to use them as chats of separate groups

Yes, you can. To do so you need to perform the following actions:

  1. In ChatApp settings switch off «Do not request password for access to WEB» option
  2. Create Operator and Controller roles with required rights of access to chats set up rights and roles for employees, as well as provide them access to channels in «My Business» section in the main menu of the Dashboard
  3. To do so untick the field «do not request a password», and when an employee tries to enter your web chat there will be an authorization window

Why choose ChatApp

Stable operation

Uptime 100% - secure communication channels for your business on Russian servers

Tech support

We offer problem-solving, consulting, and training services for your employees

Handy payment from any country

Various payment methods such as credit card, Paypal, invoice, etc.

Great features and multiple channels

Integration of multiple messengers and social media platforms for efficient customer communication


Technical support:

Use our Knowledge Base or leave a request and we will contact you soon.

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