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1 month ago

Updates to ChatApp 28.03.2024 — 11.04.2024

Added to the website:

  • Ability to download the application.


Added to the Personal account:

  • Option to select time zone for mailings.


Fixed in the Personal account:

  • Lack of search results for payments;
  • Deletion of main text when inserting a new fragment in the Quick Replies Editor;
  • Limitation of the number of displayed VKontakte communities when connecting to the line;
  • Ability to add the same employee twice in the Responsible Distribution;
  • Error when saving bank name in bank details;
  • Error after deleting Quick Replies on old versions of Google Chrome;
  • Lack of recipients when creating an email newsletters;
  • Error when making a card payment on 935 or 936 WhatsApp Business API dialogs;
  • False server error when requesting a demo line;
  • Error when creating a new company;
  • Failure to accrue bonuses to the balance;
  • Error when generating an invoice for payment;
  • Error after entering the confirmation code when registering the number;
  • Outdated list of employees when changing companies;
  • Error when trying to invite a new or already registered client to the company;
  • Blank screen when accessing the newsletter editing menu;
  • Automatic message sending in mailings outside the specified interval;
  • Delay in notification of change in WhatsApp WEB connection status;
  • Incorrect notifications about WhatsApp WEB connection statuses;
  • False synchronization of Quick Replies service with remote company;
  • Failure to unlink Telegram Personal account;
  • Different amounts when generating an invoice and selecting payment;
  • Outdated company information after changing line ownership;
  • Access of accounts to the company's Knowledge Base after deletion;
  • System notifications from the ChatApp Notification bot during nighttime.


Added to the CRM Integration:

  • ChatApp widget in amoMarket on the "Email and SMS newsletters" tab;
  • Emoji reactions to messages via WhatsApp WEB and Instagram in amoCRM;
  • Support for quoting messages from amoCRM in Instagram;
  • Ability to assign Main contact for deals in amoCRM.


Fixed in the CRM Integration:

  • Failure to send a message with a file from a deal in amoCRM;
  • Enabling lines that do not belong to the owner when connecting integration from the amoCRM market;
  • Delay in incoming messages from WhatsApp WEB in Bitrix24;
  • Filling in the work phone field with the username of Telegram and Instagram contacts in amoCRM;
  • Error saving message text in the ChatApp widget for amoCRM;
  • Failure in the synchronization of Responsible parties in the deal between Dialogs and amoCRM;
  • Deletion of text in square brackets when sending messages in WhatsApp, Telegram from Bitrix24;
  • Incorrect link sending in messages from Bitrix24.


Fixed in the Bot Builder:

  • Failure of the "Response to phrase" block when using multiple keys;
  • Display of the drop-down list in blocks under other blocks;
  • Incorrect display of the "Edit Task" block name in block results;
  • Launching a dialogue scenario after a webhook scenario only after the second message;
  • Error when adding the value of Params - Key: 1,2, Value 2,2 in the "Incoming webhook" block;
  • Error in the "Non-working time" block due to incorrect day determination as working;
  • Extra "Value" field in the local variables addition menu;
  • Failure to fill in the variable value in the second "Send message*" block.


Fixed in

  • Failures in receiving messages from Telegram;
  • Failure to display messages sent from Dialogs in the Telegram messenger;
  • Failure to open a dialogue while chatting with the ChatApp GPT bot;
  • Failure to display the number "0" in the dialogue with TelegramBot.