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2 years ago
ChatApp cases

ChatApp products will be repriced

For 2 years we kept prices on a level, but within this time many services similar in functionality increased their prices several times. And even after price increase, ChatApp remains one of the most reasonable available solutions for multichannel integration of messengers with business systems.
Furthermore, we constantly add new functions to ChatApp, work tirelessly on functionality extension, system improvement and stabilization for comfort of our clients. In this 2 years ChatApp became tough multichannel service with many tools for business.
Price increase will allow us to keep the highest level of speed and availability of the service, maintenance, and technical support of the software, develop new features, expand functionality.
Don’t panic! For two weeks our current and new clients may purchase all ChatApp licenses at original price if paid until 31.03.2022.
Prices of integration with Viber, Telegram Bot, Avito remain at the same level - 600 Rub. per month for each integration.
♨️In the nearest future integration with Vkontakte will be available.
If you still have questions, please contact with our support.
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