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2 years ago
Mobile application

Mobile app available for Android

📲 All channels in one mobile application ChatApp business (early access)! * for Android only. iOS and Desktop are already in development.
✔️WhatsApp from Chat-api provider;
✔️WhatsApp business API;
✔️Telegram numbered.
Link to download the application at the bottom of the page
( also:
‼️ Write first;
👯‍♀️Create groups (WhatsApp and Telegram);
📃Sending WABA template messages;
👹Monitor the channel and see the dialogues of the employees.

This is the first publication of a mobile application, we're ready for criticism in the comments 🤮 but we really hope for your support 🤝, recommendations for improving the application, we're ready to implement suggestions and requests to expand the functionality 🧑🏻‍💻