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2 years ago

Bitrix24 automation rules at the stage New

Our clients discovered the problem of freezing of Bitrix24 automation rules at the first stage of the "New" deal.

Testing has shown that the hang of different automation rules doesn't always appear, therefore it's difficult to diagnose. If you install an automation rule at the first stage of the deal, the automation rule may freeze. Under the hood (programmatically via Rest), the automation rule tries to send a response to Bitrix24 about the result of its work, while CRM does not always have time to quickly finish creating a business process for a new deal, a 404 "Business process not found" error is returned.

We recommend you don't use complex business processes at the first stage of the deal.

ChatApp 404 error was bypassed by applying the following algorithm:

1. We send an answer from the automation rule to Bitrix as usual.

2. If we receive an error "404 Business process not found" in response, we pause for 2 seconds and repeat the attempt to send a response from the robot to Bitrix. At this point, the business process has already been created and the robot is working out without hanging.