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1 month ago

Updates in the Bot Builder: new block and more features

Added to the Bot Builder:

1. Function for uploading and downloading files in JSON format;

2. Support of comparison operators in the "Condition" block for local variables;

3. Notification when exiting the script Editor without saving changes;

4. Block "Programmer". The list of block's functions:

  • perform mathematical and logical operations with numbers, strings, date and time;
  • add all kinds of variables from the Bot Builder;
  • write and run code in JavaScript;
  • highlight different code functions and JavaScript syntax errors;
  • save values of variables when changing;
  • use regular expressions;
  • test code execution;
  • check for errors in the data;
  • take into account the time zone for date and time.

5. Fixed an error of entered data in the "incoming Webhook" block when saving parameters.