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2 years ago

Features of Virtual WhatsApp from Bitrix24

📍 Only the client can write first (for example, from a widget placed on your website). You can only respond to the client who wrote first.

📍 The client must send exactly the message generated by Bitrix containing the personal id of your manager without editing, otherwise you will not receive the client’s message. If the client erases part of the message (for example, a number with a hashtag that he does not understand) or completely replaces it with his own text, the message will not be delivered to you.

📍 Clients see your company as Bitrix. Bitrix24 uses a single number for all companies, and the client will have it signed by Bitrix. And the identifier of your company will be the additional #id assigned to your company by Bitrix.

📍 The client needs to remember not only a single number, but also the manager’s ID. So that the client can contact your company the next time (more than 24 hours after the dialogue), it will not be enough to save this number to his Contacts. To write to your company at this number on WhatsApp, the client will need to indicate in the message the # icon and the personal id of the manager, automatically indicated in the first message (see screenshot), otherwise this message will not be delivered to you. Those. In order for a client to contact your company again after closing the dialogue (after 24 hours), in addition to the company number (in fact, it belongs to Bitrix), somewhere they will need to save this id of the manager of your company, and add it to the outgoing message with #. Few, if any, clients will understand this. The client will be sure that he wrote to you, but will not receive an answer; this will reduce customer loyalty.

📍 After 24 hours, another company (and even your competitor) can communicate with your client using this number. After closing the dialogue (after 24 hours), your client, writing through a widget on the website of any other company that also uses Virtual WhatsApp from Bitrix, may be surprised to find his correspondence - a continuation of your dialogue with him. Those. after 24 hours, your client may well be communicating with the same number, but your competitor has a different id.

📍 If you do not have time to respond to a client within 24 hours, the dialogue is closed and you will no longer be able to contact this client. For example, a client will write on a weekend, if more than 24 hours have passed since the client’s last message, then your manager will not be able to respond to the client when sending a message and will receive an error that the message was not delivered. The client never receives an answer.

📍 If you responded, but the client did not respond within 24 hours of his last request, then your message will not be delivered to the client. In this case, when you send a new message, you will receive an error stating that the message was not delivered. The client will not wait for an answer, which will affect loyalty.

📍 For now, we can only guess what the load will be on a single Bitrix Virtual WhatsApp number operating throughout the country, how stable this solution will be and at what speed messages will be delivered.