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2 years ago
All about WhatsApp Business API

1,000 free conversations a month from the official business WhatsApp WABA

Starting February 1, the official WhatsApp WABA introduces 1,000 free conversations each month, and for most users, this completely covers their communication needs.
⚖️Official stable WhatsApp WABA channel is already almost at the price of gray:
✔️ChatApp license 30$ monthly.
✔️Traffic provider GupShup $0.001$ per message.
✔️Up to 1000 open dialogs per month, opening a 24-hour dialog with a client costs ~$0.0477$
🔥 You get: 
✔️ A stable channel of communication with your customer base, without the risk of blocking the company's phone number
✔️ The possibility for the whole team to work from one number
✔️ Supporting the image of official business accounts with a company name, completed profile and green check mark
✔️ You don't need a smartphone connected to the internet to work
✔️ Support for active links in the first message, buttons, the ability to reply to the client with a single click, without having to type
✔️ Bulk messaging tools for customers as part of the WhatsApp license agreement.
🧮 Analyze the number of conversations and messages you sent to your customers last month, taking into account the free 1000 conversations per month from WABA and calculate the price difference between gray and white integration just for your company. 
🤔 If the profit you get from a stable and reliable channel of communication with your client audience, with all those great opportunities for marketing and increasing sales, doesn't exceed MULTIPLE your expenses, you should probably think about the reasons.

Use the "Connect WABA" button in your personal office and we will help you.