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1 year ago
WhatsApp Business API

Now paying for WhatsApp Business API becomes even more convenient

You don’t longer need to pay separately for incoming and outgoing messages in WhatsApp Business API. Now you simply buy a package and pay for dialogs in a single price.  

Since 07.06 the price of WhatsApp Business API integration is 85$ per month.  The price includes 1000 dialogs.

This is the minimum price on the market under otherwise equal conditions. No additional fees are charged, messages traffic inside dialogs is not rated.

If a company does not keep within 1000 dialogs per in a month, you can always buy some more. Price — 17$ per 150 additional dialogs.

We recommend connecting autopay for convenience. When the message limit is out, the payment for the next package of dialogs will be deducted automatically, so you don't have to waste time on it.

✔️ No hidden payments and fees.
✔️ Clear and transparent pricing.

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