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Schema for bot

Chat bot for interactive menu

When it may be needed

If, for example, a restaurant is to be advertised, a post can be published on social networks or Telegram. And it would be great if the customer immediately tries to order something. Of course, you can attach a link to the restaurant's website in the post, but it is unlikely that people will immediately go to an external site. This is inconvenient - too many actions. Besides, restaurant websites may not be optimized for mobile devices.


How the chat bot can help

If the customer is interested, they have the opportunity to go to the chat bot and open the menu right there. You can immediately place an order with delivery in the messenger without going to external websites. For businesses, this is an additional entry point, thus increasing the funnel. For the customer, this is a quick and convenient way to place an order.


Scenario example

The chat bot provides information about the menus of Burger King restaurants, helps find answers to questions about branches, contact details, promotions, the King Club loyalty program, or current vacancies, and also helps place orders with delivery.