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Schema for bot

Sending a template WABA\WACA

When it might be needed

When a person receives a broadcast, they may read it and then forget about it, losing it in numerous conversations. This doesn't mean they're not interested in the offer. For instance, the broadcast may have come at an inconvenient time when the person was busy. Therefore, it's sometimes useful to remind them again, but resending the broadcast manually takes time. It's important that those who responded to the initial message don't receive the broadcast again.


How the chatbot can help

The bot only reacts when a person reads a broadcast but doesn't respond— in such cases, it sends a new message. You can write a separate text for this message to ensure it doesn't coincide with the original broadcast.


Scenario Example

A company launched a promotional broadcast on Telegram. Only a portion of people responded, while some read it and forgot about it. The bot sent them a reminder with a follow-up message, and many responded to the second message.