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1 year ago
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Start a conversation by phone number

Good news for everyone who runs their business via messengers. Now your potential clients can’t hide from you on Telegram!

The standard settings of the Tg account, which previously did not allow writing to a client who hid his contact information from the outside world, have recently changed. The updated privacy policy now makes it possible to write to a new contact using the phone number they provided during registration.

However, you need to be careful here! The maximum number of added contacts is limited.

Here's what an official Telegram representative said about this:

«We have developed protective measures to prevent the import of too many contacts... Users who violate the rules and receive an import ban will be allowed to add only five new numbers per day. The rest of the contacts they add will look as if they are not connected to Telegram at all, even if they are not».

You ask how to bypass the limits? There is a solution! The problem can be easily resolved with flexible settings for synchronizing the phone book with CRM (importing contacts to the phone on which Telegram is installed).

You may also have the opportunity to bypass the restrictions if you start developing your business in Telegram right now using the ChatApp messenger aggregator. A large number of unique service options will take your business to a new level. By connecting it you will receive:

  • The ability to start a dialogue with a client in Telegram, knowing his phone number or username, convenient choice of line and messenger.
  • Flexible SalesBot logic, functionality for setting tags, checking phrases, messenger, mailing ID, etc.
  • Lead scanner for groups and incoming messages.
  • Parsing contacts and mailing lists.
  • Differentiation of employee access rights to lines.