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Synchronization of Kommo contacts

Synchronization of contacts with a mobile device will help with the quick entry of the database of numbers into the Contacts application and allows you to bypass many restrictions of various instant messengers.

  • The Kommo mobile app allows you to export contacts directly from the CRM system, as well as import them from the Contacts app on your mobile device.
  • Kommo does not support automatic synchronization, so to export or import new contacts, you will need to repeat the export or import procedure each time.

Export contacts from Kommo

  • Install the Kommo mobile app on your ios or Android device.
  • Launch the app and go to the "More" section.
  • Click on the "Settings" (Gear) button.
  • Under "Contact Settings", select "Export to Address Book".
  • Select the period for which you want to export contacts, as well as the responsible manager and click on the "Export" button.


Import contacts into AmoCRM

  • In the Kommo mobile application, go to the "More" section and click on the "Settings" (Gear) button.
  • Under "Contact Settings", select "Import from Address Book".
  • Select the contacts to import and click on the "Import" button.


Peculiarities of exporting and importing contacts

  • Synchronization of no more than 5000 records per account is available. When using multiple accounts, each of them will have a limit of 5000 entries.
  • When the limit is reached, you can delete all exported contacts and start the download again - the limit will be updated.
  • Only contacts with the specified phone number are synchronized.
  • If the contact has other communication methods (email, instant messengers, etc.), they will also be synchronized.
  • When exporting contacts for the first time, you need to select a synchronization period. With further use of synchronization, only new contacts will be downloaded.
  • For the functionality to work, the user must have the rights to Export contacts.
  • Simultaneously with the export, you can use the Called ID.
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