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6 months ago

Updates in ChatApp 23.10–03.11

Updates in ChatApp Over the Past 2 Weeks!

We continue to work on improving the service to make it more convenient and functional for you. Here's what we have new:


  • We integrated the ability to filter employee dialogues by role🗂; (
  • Fixed an error that prevented files and images from being attached🖼;
  • Now unsent messages are saved as a draft📩;
  • Added a logo to the loading screen of🌀;
  • We increased the launch speed of⚡️;
  • Fixed a bug that caused the dialog box to disappear when sending/receiving a message💥;
  • The "Without Responsibility" filter now sorts dialogues correctly📊;
  • Now only the current status of the dialogue and the last message are displayed 🖥;
  • The director selection panel will not close when opening a submenu📤;
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from changing or resetting employees in the director selection menu👨‍💻.

Bot constructor:

  • Regular expressions are now searched throughout the text🔭;
  • The "Create CRM contact" block no longer displays an error about the incorrect date of birth format in CRM systems⛔️;
  • CRM tasks created through the corresponding block will indicate the deadlines you set for completion📆;
  • Now the “Create CRM task” block correctly transfers the time zone specified in the company settings to the CRM system⏳;
  • The "id_chat" variable is now a system variable👾.

Our Integrations:

  • Implemented conversion of Argentine phone numbers for WhatsApp📲.

User Dashboard:

We hope these updates will make your ChatApp experience even more enjoyable and productive. Stay tuned for our news and stay with us! 🚀💬