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1 year ago

ChatApp integration updates with Bitrix24


Messages from the SMS provider are reflected in Open Lines
Configured in each connector for each Open line. Disabled by default.


The WABA template sending robot now adds the message text (template) to the deal/lead comment instead of json code.

Now in the form for selecting a CRM field mask for datetime types, the following items have been added: server time and responsible time.

Open line chat can be closed using a secret phrase when sending a message
As it was: the chat was closed only by a phrase when there was an incoming message.

As it happens: an operator or chatbot can send a secret phrase that will close the chat.

List of secret phrases: #close_dialog, #close_dialog, #***#

The application page displays the license expiration date in the list of licenses
If there are 5 days left until the license expires, it will be red.

You can show/hide phone numbers in group chats of Open Lines
On the connector settings page, a new option "Show phone numbers in group chats of Open Lines" is now available (enabled by default).

If the option is enabled, in Open Lines group chats the phone number will be indicated next to the sender’s name.

If the option is disabled, the phone number will be hidden.

The option is configured in each connector for each line separately.

The option is available on the connectors: ChatApp – WhatsApp Web and ChatApp – Telegram Personal.


  • If in Telegram the phone number is included in the contact name, it will not be hidden.
  • It is impossible to hide phone numbers in previously saved Open Line messages (when the option was still enabled). You can hide only new numbers after turning off the option.
  • The option does not take into account the rights of portal employees and is valid for all employees, regardless of role and rights.