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2 years ago
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Write to clients first in Telegram

Write to clients first in Telegram

Telegram has gained great popularity in Russia and other countries. Today, the number of users who use the messenger every month is about 500 million people. And among them you'll be able to find your potential customers, you just need to use all available means correctly. ChatApp offers a unique opportunity that other services do not have. Integrate it into your CRM and write to customers first.

Features of ChatApp in Telegram

Telegram covers about 25 million users in Russia alone. These are people of different ages, places of residence, social status and field of activity. Here you'll find representatives of the middle and premium class, IT workers, marketing and education. Messenger will be an ideal platform for selling goods, promoting a business or creating your own community. By combining Telegram with the ChatApp service, you'll get the maximum benefit for your business.

The service has unique features that allow:

  • write to telegram by phone number;
  • write by username;
  • integrate CRM;
  • create automatic dialogs and connect bots;
  • launch workflows via Telegram;
  • track statistics and analyze communication;
  • provide multi-channel and connect a new number for each individual project.

You can choose only the ChatApp options that you need, which will save you on promotion and communication services.

Write by phone number

The main form of communication with customers remains mobile numbers, which are linked to all social networks, messengers and customer cards. A modern solution – ChatApp - will improve the quality of communication and simplify the process itself. It guarantees you instant and stable communication with customers through popular messengers.

ChatApp WEB allows you to write to users first in Telegram directly from browsers, that is, you won't need to leave your usual area of work. And you can add customers by phone number, which in most cases is indicated in the user card. Thus, you'll receive prompt and reliable communication in a convenient format.

The messenger will allow you to build convenient communication with customers. You'll be able to conduct personal communication or organize a chatbot that will take over some of the work. Keep in touch constantly, without limiting the communication process to a certain time.

Important! By writing to a person in Telegram once, you'll be able to send messages to him again, without any restrictions. That is, for further communication, it's enough to create a dialogue once.

Using the messenger, it's also convenient to organize mailing lists to users, dividing them into groups. For example, send messages with current promotions or news. Any employee will be able to easily connect to the dialogue, and the leadership will easily control the process.

You can write first directly from CRM by connecting ChatApp to your project. The service easily adapts to business and modern systems, including:

  • Bitrix24;
  • 1C;
  • amoCRM.

The manager will only need to go to the desired tab and click on the Telegram icon to contact the selected client.


Write by username

Telegram is also different in that, in addition to the phone number, username acts in it. That is, you'll be able to send messages to users without knowing their numbers, but having only a public name at your disposal.

Most CRM systems don't provide the ability to save username, they don't have a special value input field. ChatApp will allow you to save username in the system in a special "Messenger" field. From the WEB version of the service, you can write directly to Telegram users by their names, sending invitations to the chat via @username. All dialogs will continue to sync with Bitrix24, in which a new contact will also appear.

Important! If the user didn't have a phone number specified before, then after creating the dialog, it will automatically appear in the Bitrix24 card.


Creating a card in CRM

An important feature of the ChatApp service is the ability to synchronize and create contact cards. New clients will register in your Bitrix24 immediately after sending them messages in Telegram. That is, later you'll have at your disposal the phone number, username and mail of the user, so that you can always contact him.

Important! For mass work with clients, it's necessary to synchronize the Phone with CRM, because there is a restriction on creating contacts, only 15 contacts per day can be created in Telegram. But if you sync your phone with CRM contacts, then all your CRM contacts will appear in your Telegram account without restrictions. Example of synchronization with Bitrix24.

Telergam can be used as a social network by creating channels, group chats or voice chats in it. It is convenient to publish information in the messenger, while the user will definitely see the latest messages in the channel, and not scroll through them as in a regular social media feed. Chats will also allow you to unite people into communities and communicate in a new format. All these tools will be a great way to attract a large audience and keep it.

Chatbots or artificial intelligence are an equally important component of ChatApp, which will allow you not to miss important and necessary messages, form automatic mailings or provide a clear and convenient self-service menu.


It is now possible to write to clients in Telergam first with the ChatApp service. Create dialogues by phone number or public name, write to users directly from the CRM and promote your business even more successfully. In telegram, you can advertise your brand and individual products using other channels in which potential customers may be located. In addition to the usual way, you can create your own stickers. They will increase your brand awareness if you can create beautiful, original and versatile images.

Telegram opens access to statistics only to channel administrators, blocking all third-party services. ChatApp has a unique functionality for analyzing communication in the messenger. The system will also allow you to be always online, monitor all dialogues and develop communications.