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Messenger API

API ChatApp is a platform that unites different messengers into a single API interface for building corporate web and mobile applications.

Incoming messages in real time are implemented by a push service that allows you to maintain real-time communication between your application and users' messengers.

The advantage of the Pusher API ChatApp is the ability to create simple applications without creating and maintaining your own server infrastructure (no backend).

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Pusher Messenger API

Pusher ChatApp implements WebSochet technology and provides a number of ready-made libraries in more than 16 languages. The wiki provides an example of connecting through the pusher-js library.

At the moment, the platform unites messengers:

API interface

Documentation for the developer of the integration of messengers.

ChatAPP Messenger API

Integration into the corporate system

Integration of popular instant messengers using the ChatApp API is suitable for any business systems (CRM, ERP, SCM, EAM, ECM, EDI, etc.), for which there are no standard solutions or they don't suit the organization. The API provides fast, easy and secure addition of scalable software, WEB and mobile application functionality.

1c Messenger API