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Block Sending a Webhook

Webhook is a mechanism for notifying one system about events in another system. You can use the "Sending a webhook" block to send webhook requests to a third-party service. For example, a webhook can create a deal or change a field in a CRM card directly during a dialog with a client. 

1. To create a request, specify the link through which it will be sent — it can be received in the service where you want to send the request;

Please note! The link should start with https://

2. Select the type of request (currently only GET request is available);

3. Add headers and parameters. They differ depending on the service. You can find out how to create a request in the REST API documentation of the service you have chosen.

You can use variables in the values of parameter headers in the text.

You can see an example of setting up a script involving this block in the article "Bitrix24 Webhook".

Video tutorial

If you still have questions, we have prepared a video tutorial on Block Sending a Webhook.

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