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2 years ago
ChatApp cases

How to increase the quality of technical support and to increase sales using common database of quick responses

More than 65% of users prefer to ask questions in a chat rather than by writing a message to e-mail or calling by phone. 79% of them select this channel since they expect to get quick answer.

Rate and quality of answers in chat have significant effect to clients loyalty and their outflow. This article describes how to increase the quality of consultations in chat and speed up answers without hiring new personnel. 

What are the most common problems clients face with when they write to the chat?

  • Long wait for an answer

In average users in chat wait just one minute for an answer and then they give up and leave to the competition. Even worse, if the current client can't wait for an answer - most likely he has a problem that needs to be solved urgently. He is nervous waiting and by the moment an operator joins the conversation the client is completely steamed up.

  • Unqualified specialists

Often operators do not have necessary knowledge, answer nominally, do not try to get onto the client’s problem. In SaaS services this is especially painful because the client may not sort the settings out, not understand how the product works, or just face with bugs. In this case low quality support will have a negative effect to user’s experience and satisfaction with the product.

  • Questions remain unanswered

Not all companies could afford support available 24/7. If clients urgently needs to solve a problem at night, on weekend or holidays, he won’t get any help. This also includes situations when all operators are busy and have no time to process each request. 


At best your clients just leave to the competition. At worst they start to describe their negative experience at feedback websites. This is how low-quality support may ruin your business even if your product is great.

How to increase quality of consultations in chat without additional budget

  • Speed up with quick responses

Quick responses are ready-made messages with answers to FAQs. For example, you have an online shop and the most frequently asked question in a chat is regarding delivery time, so you can add the answer to database in advance. In this case you will save operator’s time for copying and pasting the text. He will send a ready-made answer in one click.

  • Increase consultations quality

“We use quick responses ourselves and have felt the value of them firsthand. Before we spent 2–3 months to train a new operator. All operators communicated in their own way and deviated from the script. It was chaos. Now beginners can get started at once – they learn the quick responses database and that’s how they get relevant information” – Vladimir Kirdyashev, ChatApp CEO.

More on how to create a quick responses database read here.

  • Use a bot which will answer in off-hours

ChatApp service already has a bot which could identify questions using key words and answer in any time of day and night, as well as when all operators are busy. When you communicate using ChatApp and gradually supplement quick responses database you train your bot simultaneously. You can set the priority, so that the bot responds only to standard requests, and the important ones go to the operators.

How do common database of quick responses and chatbot work

  1. You connect a common database and add correct standard answers.
  2. Operators work with the database collectively.
  3. When all operators are busy you involve the bot. It takes messages from the database and answers to questions from chat in seconds!

You can turn on the item "Switch off the bot, if a person has answered". In this case when an operator answers to a new message, the bot will not nip in.

Quick responses will help sale and support teams to work more efficiently

Sales managers could delegate answers to standard questions on prices, goods availability, payment methods, etc. to the bot. As the result clients will get answers to questions in the chat instantly, and managers could concentrate on more critical tasks.

Support team could standardize communication with clients in the chat – all operators will answer in the same manner. It will help to keep support quality at stably high level. 

Training of new employees will speed up significantly. Using the quick response database newcomers can answer in the chat from the very first day of work. Being guided by quick responses they will learn more on the product and troubleshooting methods. 

What is ChatApp?

ChatApp is a messenger aggregator for business. It allows to integrate messengers to CRM and communicate in all channels from common window. 

ChatApp supports WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Avito, VK. Integrations with Bitrix24 and AmoCRM may be connected for free. 

Improve tech support quality and increase sales with ChatApp 🚀