Quick responses
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Create and use a database of quick responses in the web-chat

ChatApp quick responses allow you to standardize and respond quickly to frequently asked questions from customers, as well as increase the expertise of your employees.

  • To work with Quick responses, go to ChatApp WEB and select a dialogue with the client.
  • Click on the "Quick responses" button next to the message entry field.
  • In the pop-up window, you can create your own Quick Responses Database and promptly answer customers' frequently asked questions.

Create quick Responses

  • To create your own Quick Responses Database, click on the "New Section" button, enter the name of the section and click on the "Save" button.
  • To create a quick reply in the New section, click on the button "+" (Add Quick Reply).
  • Enter the Quick Response Title.
  • Enter the Quick Reply Text in the field under the Title and click the "Save" button.
  • After you save a quick reply, the title will be displayed in the sidebar.
  • The final form of the Quick Reply should have a completed Title, Text in the appropriate field, and a blue “Use” button.
  • After saving a quick reply, you can add a new reply in the same section, delete a reply, or edit it using the corresponding buttons.

Using Quick Responses

  • To use Quick responses, select an answer in the Base and click on the "Use" button. The contents of the quick response will be pasted into the input field of the message, after which the only thing left to do is send it to the client.
  • Quick responses support searching both within the Base and in the text of the message:
    • To search directly within the Database, open Quick responses and use the search bar.
    • Use automatic search from the message input field. Type a message or highlight part of that message, then go to "Quick responses". The Quick responses Base will show matching results.

  • Automatic search works similarly to messages in the chat history. Select a message, or highlight part of that message, and then press "⋮". Select "Quick responses" from the dropdown list. The Quick response Base will show matching results.

Provide your employees with access to the Personal Account and a single ChatApp WEB chat to work with Quick Responses and fill the Database.

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