Create quick replies from Personal Account in ChatApp / ChatApp
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Create quick replies from Personal Account in ChatApp

  • To work with Quick replies, go to your personal account in the menu section Quick replies
  • Click on the Quick Replies button next to the message input field
  • To create your own Quick Response, click on the + Create button, enter the name of the notebook and click on the Save button


  • To create a quick answer in the New section, click on the + Add to root button
  • Enter a Quick Reply Title
  • Enter a Quick Reply Description in the field under the Title and click on the “Save” button
  • After saving the quick reply, the Title will be displayed in the sidebar
  • After saving a quick reply, you can add a new reply in the same section, delete a reply or edit it using the appropriate buttons, or create a new section:
    • + Add to root
    • Folder or text name
    • Choose whether to add inside (create a subsection) or add side by side (in the same section)
    • Fill in the Title and Description
    • Save
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