Quick responses

Create and use a database of quick responses in the web-chat

ChatApp quick responses allow you to standardize and respond quickly to frequently asked questions from customers, as well as increase the expertise of your employees.

Let's see how to create quick answers for common questions and use them in chats with users.

How to create quick responses?

  • To work with Quick replies, go to your personal account in the menu section Quick replies
  • Click on the "Quick Replies" button next to the message input field
  • To create your own Quick Response, click on the "+ Create" button, enter the name of the notebook and click on the "Save" button


  • To create a quick answer in the New section, click on the "+ Add to root" button
  • Enter a Quick Reply Title
  • Enter a Quick Reply Description in the field under the Title and click on the “Save” button
  • After saving the quick reply, the Title will be displayed in the sidebar
  • After saving a quick reply, you can add a new reply in the same section, delete a reply or edit it using the appropriate buttons, or create a new section:
    • + Add to root
    • Folder or text name
    • Choose whether to add inside (create a subsection) or add side by side (in the same section)
    • Fill in the Title and Description
    • Save


Using a convenient database of typical answers from a dialogue

To use Quick Reply:

  • Click on the add “+” button
  • Select section Quick replies
  • Find by search or by sections by keywords a typical answer
  • Edit if necessary and click on the submit button. The content of a typical quick response will be inserted into the message input field, then send the finished message to the client:

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