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What the bot can do

A bot is a smart program that lives in instant messengers and performs various functions, messages sent from them are processed by an external system. At the same time, for the user, communication with the bot looks like regular correspondence with a real person.

The ChatApp bot has ready-made scenarios where you do not need to think through, and debug work for a long time. We have prepared simple scripts to work with, using which you can start automating right now.


How does a bot work in a СhatApp Dialog?

After setting up the Bot in your personal account, it automatically becomes available in the web chat and reacts to new messages that come to the connected messenger.

  • You can enable the setting "Disable the bot if the employee answered" in the Bot settings in the Personal Account.
  • In this case, if you or your employee replies to a new message, the Bot will not interfere in the dialogue.
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