ChatApp Updates Digest: Payment in the New Personal Account, Bitrix24 Robots, Telegram Groups / ChatApp
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2 months ago

ChatApp Updates: Payment in the New Personal Account, Bitrix24 Robots, and More

We are working hard to make ChatApp even more convenient and useful. Here are the latest updates in the service.

Line payment in the new personal account

The ChatApp personal account has transitioned to a completely new design. The new interface is intuitive, and your companies, lines, employees, and metrics are consolidated in the "My Business" module.

You can now pay for or renew lines in the new personal account using different methods: from the company's wallet, bonuses, credit/debit card, or via bank details. You can also set up automatic payments.

You no longer need to manually request work completion reports, as the platform has automated the handling of accounting documents. Each company now has its own wallet in the "My Business" module.

We have recorded a video demonstrating all the payment methods, which is easier than it seems. If you encounter any difficulties with payment, please contact our technical support team. We will assist you.


Major update to robots in Bitrix24

Here are the updates in order:

  1. Previously, you couldn't accurately determine whether a message was sent to the client via WhatsApp Business API or Cloud API in Bitrix24. Bitrix24 would only send a notification that the robot had executed, but it wouldn't inform you if the client didn't have the messenger. Now, if the client doesn't have WhatsApp on any of the specified numbers, the message will automatically be sent to another messenger, such as Telegram. 
  2. A new option has been added: "Add the result to CRM card comments". When enabled, the result of the robot's work will be displayed in the CRM card. For example, if a client has multiple numbers in their card, you will know exactly which numbers have WhatsApp and which ones don't.
  3. The file sending robot can now send multiple files to WhatsApp simultaneously. You can even send different files to different numbers at the same time.

Telegram group and channel management in ChatApp Dialog:

In ChatApp Dialog, you can manage Telegram groups and channels from a single window, allowing you to keep only the necessary groups for work and avoid overloading the line with unnecessary messages. After authorizing in Telegram Personal, navigate to the web chat and activate the desired groups in the line settings.

Channels and supergroups can now be deactivated or removed in ChatApp Dialog. In the latter case, they will not be deleted in the messenger itself.


VK chat reading

Now, when you read a customer's message in the ChatApp Dialog web chat, it will also be displayed as read to the customer in VK.

Quote removal in the Email channel

Previously, in the Email channel dialogs, the entire message thread was accumulated with each reply. Now, you will receive only the relevant messages, making communication more convenient.

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