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Multi-currency wallet: replenishment and conversion of funds on the balance.

Use the ChatApp multi-currency wallet to protect your funds from currency fluctuations. Pay for services from the Balance in a convenient currency and activate auto payment.


If you are in the Western region, then in order to make payments from your Balance, you need to convert all funds from rubles into dollars.

If you are located in the CIS (except for the Russian Federation), then you can make transactions in Rubles, Dollars and Tenge.

Filling the balance is not an automatic renewal of the license. We cannot charge funds without your consent. To purchase or renew a license, use payment by invoice, payment by card, or enable automatic payment.

What is a ChatApp multi-currency wallet?

Previously, many users encountered problems when paying for ChatApp services and very often suffered from the instability of exchange rates.

The ChatApp multi-currency wallet is designed to solve these problems and allows users to store funds on their balance in a convenient currency, as well as convert this currency at the right time.

How to replenish the balance in a multi-currency wallet?

Go to your ChatApp Personal Account and click on the "Balance" button in the upper right corner.

To replenish the balance, click on the “Fill balance” button in the upper right corner.

Select the replenishment currency on the left and enter the amount to be credited to the balance. Click on the "Proceed to checkout" button.

Make a replenishment in a convenient way: By transferring funds to the invoice for payment or using a Bank card.

Your funds will be added to the balance in your Personal Account.

How to convert funds from one currency to another?

If you need to convert currency from one wallet to another, then click on the "Exchange" button.

  • Select the currency to be converted to the left of the amount entry field.
  • Enter the amount of money - the converted funds will be displayed in the input field next to it.
  • Click on the "Make an exchange" button.

Conversion of funds will be made at the current exchange rate.

How to view balance transactions?

All operations for crediting and converting funds will be displayed in the lower menu on the “Balance” page.

Successful operations are marked in green. If an error occurred during the operation, then in the history this operation will be marked in red.

How to pay for a license from the balance?

Select a license to renew and click the "Pay" button or issue a new license.

At the stage of payment, select the item "Payment from the user's balance".

To make a payment from a user balance, you must have credited funds on your balance.


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