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2 years ago
ChatApp cases

All in one: phone, SMS, whatsapp, telegram; cascade mailing

A successful case of our partners BOT TO HELP, who were able to simplify the company’s work processes using the Bitrix24 CRM system, the multi-channel business chat service ChatApp, the SMS-banana application, and the Megafon number.

This case addresses the following issues:

  • Using Bitrix24 to work with customer requests;
  • Using ChatApp robots to determine the presence of Whatsapp on a client’s number;
  • Using ChatApp robots to determine the presence of Telegram on a client’s number;
  • Using the sms-banan application to send SMS messages to clients from a cell phone;
  • Using a megaphone number to communicate with clients.


A company working in the field of legal services, specializing in bankruptcies of individuals, turned to our Bot partners for help.

Clients of the customer who require bankruptcy status often have not paid their loans for a long time, suffer from constant calls from banks and collectors and therefore respond very poorly to calls from unfamiliar numbers, fearing calls from collectors.

In order to increase the percentage of calls answered, the company previously sent SMS from the letter sender, with a message asking them to expect a call from the phone number specified in the message. But this is not the most ideal way, since not everyone reads SMS messages and matches the number indicated there with the number from which the call comes.

Having started collaborating with the company, Bot offered two mechanisms to help: the concept of a “single number” and “cascade mailing”.

The essence of the “single number”: all communications with clients are carried out from one number: calls, SMS messages, Whatsapp and Telegram. Having received an application from a client, the company sends him a message via Whatsapp (if necessary, telegram/SMS) warning him about an upcoming call from this particular phone number.

The essence of “cascade mailing”: if we have access to several channels of communication with clients, we build a hierarchy of channel priorities, first sending to the highest priority one, if the client does not have this channel, to the next one, and so on.

In this case, the priority line was as follows: whatsapp, telegram, SMS. If the client does not have Whatsapp, an attempt is made to send it via Telegram and then via SMS.

How to implement this mechanism:

  1. Bitrix 24 – any paid plan;
  2. Whatsapp, telegram – ChatApp application (see the link for tariffs);
  3. Sending SMS from a phone number - sms-banana application (available with a Bitrix24.Market subscription);
  4. Telephony - megafon number (multifon service - free, Bitrix24 SIP connector - 990 rubles per month);
  5. Android phone for whatsapp, sms banana.


Additional bonuses of the scheme:

  1. The ability to initiate communication first through any channel;
  2. Ability to receive incoming SMS;
  3. Lower cost of ownership than standard methods.

Basic information about the project

Customer problems:

  1. Low percentage of calls to clients;
  2. High cost of telephony, SMS messages.

Results of process implementation:

  1. Reduce communication costs by 50%;
  2. Increasing the percentage of calls to clients from 40% to 60%.