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WhatsApp Business API (WABA)
- Official tool for integration with WhatsApp

Reputation and image of the company in the eyes of customers

WABA is a business channel, one of the best and brightest tools to maintain the image of a company that needs to meet high positioning standards and service stability is important.

The company name and the "green" check mark in the header of the dialog box WhatsApp the customer, will allow you to favorably stand out among all the dialogs.

Stable communication channel without grey schemes and risk of blocking the company's telephone number.

Built-in bulk messaging tools for customers*.

* under the license agreement WhatsApp

Buttons in Messages

A comfortable way to communicate for customers is the ability to answer with one click of a button, without the need to type.

Company Business Profile Completed

Highlight the status of the company in the eyes of your customers and ensure reliable interaction.

Customer loyalty and trust from the first messages.

In order to connect WABA, you should confirm your company on Facebook

Sometimes it is not easy to confirm the company, in this case the extensive experience of our partners of the legal and accounting agency Analogik should be helpful for you.