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2 years ago
ChatApp cases

Service for work with marketplaces replaced phone calls with messaging in WhatsApp and reduced costs 3-fold

About the business: B2B segment, target market – entrepreneurs selling goods at marketplaces like Ozon, Yandex.Market, Wildberries, AliExpress.
Sales channel: website, personal selling, calls.
Participants: ChatApp – multichannel messaging platform, Altyn Marketing – business agency, SellerHelp – service for work with marketplaces.
IT: Bitrix24, ChatApp, WhatsApp, Telegram.
Task: optimize customer management, reduce costs of communication.
Solution: integrated messengers with Bitrix24, replaced phone calls with messaging in WhatsApp and Telegram.
Result: more convenient and efficient communication with customers, communication costs reduced 3-fold.

Business specifics 

SellerHelp assists entrepreneurs to start online sales at marketplaces: 

  • prepare and collect all documents;
  • prepare price list and product cards;
  • set up selling and logistics;
  • connect to electronic document management;
  • get electronic signature;
  • get compliance certificate and a declaration of quality.

SellerHelp sells services. To shape the price, you need to consider a lot of details which are clarified during conversation with a customer. Before WhatsApp implementation specialists made over 20 calls a day to process requests coming from various sources. 

Task: optimize customer management to keep growing

Company grew actively, the number of requests increased each month. Consequently, specialists spent more and more time for communication with customers, costs of phone costs increased. 

The company faced with the following issues:

  • didn’t have time to train new specialists;
  • had no convenient way to send documents;
  • one specialist spends too much time for consultation of only one customer;
  • customers asked to communicate via WhatsApp or Telegram – use of personal accounts contradicted security policy and provided no control of specialists activity.

Solution: replaced phone calls with messaging in WhatsApp and Telegram

Albert Gainullin (Altyn Marketing) set up integration of WhatsApp and Telegram Personal with Bitrix24 using ChatApp. Set up feature “start a dialogue”, created automatic greeting to all incoming leads. 

“We tested a dozen of services for messengers integration with Bitrix24. We’ve selected ChatApp because the prices are transparent as much as possible – without limitation of messages number in a month.
Early on the setting itself was not very convenient – QR code scanning left much to be desired. But now the solution offered by ChatApp developers is above all praise – you can connect WhatsApp to a phone number in My Account and enter chat. It's quick, convenient, and available.
We worked within trial access, tested Bitrix24 robots. We had no faults with the integration, so we purchased the service for a quarter. Integration was stable, developers introduced new features on a regular basis, therefore we decided to go with ChatApp, and we have been using the service for a year”, – Albert Gainullin, Altyn Marketing

  • client enters the website, leaves his/her contact details;
  • a specialist calls back, investigates the needs, discusses details of cooperation.
  • client enters the website, clicks to a widget;
  • selects convenient communication and writes a message;
  • a specialist receives the request, discusses details and sends documents.


  • client enters the website, leaves his contact details;
  • with a resolver bot specialist finds out the messenger used by a customer;
  • specialist writes to a relevant messenger, discusses details and sends documents.

Processes improved:

  • no need to spend much time for specialists training – they can immediately advise in a chat using template answers;
  • specialists chat with a client in convenient communications channel, forward documents;
  • one specialist can advise several customers simultaneously;
  • specialists send messages from Bitrix24 rather than personal accounts, all dialogs and customers’ contacts are saved.

Result: saved 2 working months, reduced costs for phone calls 3-fold

In 5 months of 2022 over 2000 chats were opened in messengers on inbound leads, most of them in WhatsApp. When specialists advised by phone, primary call took in average 10 minutes. Specialists saved 20000 minutes of work – it’s 2 working months! 
Compared with calls from cloud-based phone system, costs of communication, including payment for ChatApp reduced 3-fold.

“Percentage of satisfied customers equals to 93%, due in no small part to stable work of ChatApp. Now we have stable WhatsApp and Telegram Personal integrations with Bitrix24. Service quality allows to concentrate on sales not on any rain dance. In the nearest future we plan to test bulk messaging in WhatsApp and Telegram”, – Albert Gainullin, Altyn Marketing.

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