How to start a dialogue with a WhatsApp user

How to start a dialogue with a WhatsApp user

check the availability of the messenger in the contact or lead card. If the WhatsApp icon is displayed in color, you can write to this user by phone number. If the icon is displayed in gray, the messenger is not available and you cannot write to this user. When hovering over the gray icon, the notification "Not registered" will be displayed.

When you select the messenger WhatsApp business opens the chat open lines Bitrix24, in which you need to select a template ready response:

выбрать шаблон WABA
Список шаблонов WABA в Битрикс24
Заполнение выбранного шаблона WhatsApp Go to the single chat room and enter the username and password you received during registration.

Click the "Start a new dialog" button

Начать новый диалог WhatsApp
Создание диалога WhatsApp
Начать диалог в мессенджерах


To create typical WhatsApp response templates, the instructions are here


Restrictions and privacy settings

Unlike Telegram, WhatsApp's privacy settings do not allow you to hide your phone number or make it available only to contacts. Instead, the user can only hide their photo, details, groups, and status. The phone number is always available.


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