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1 year ago
All about WhatsApp Business API

Update: now you can view the rest of the WABA dialogs and buy additional ones in your Personal Account

Now you can see a balance of dialogs and a date when free dialogs will expire (end of the month) in Personal Account. This will help you to predict whether the number of free dialogs is enough for a month and buy additional package if required.

Free 1000 dialogs are credited in the beginning of every month.

If you do not spend all purchased dialogs within a month, they will carry over to the next one. Purchased dialogs will start to be spent after the free ones will run out.

If all dialogs for this month are over, you’ll get the following notice when trying to send a message: No paid dialogs, you need to buy a dialog package.

Where to check: Personal Account → Channels [Licenses] → Select a license with WABA and click on the gear

🔥 Purchase additional WABA dialogs in Personal Account if free ones are over

You no longer need to register on the provider's website and purchase dialogs through an additional service. We've simplified the procedure; you can pay for dialogs directly in ChatApp. 

How to pay for dialogs

1️⃣ Replenish balance: Personal Account → Balance → Fill balance
2️⃣ Purchase dialogs: Personal Account → Channels [Licenses] → Click on gear of license with WABA → Buying dialogues

When purchasing dialogs, you’ll immediately see the balance.

You can purchase any number of dialogs, but 150 as a minimum. 
Price of 150 dialogs package – 17$.

🎉 Discount of 5 % when purchasing 5350 dialogs and more.