WhatsApp Business API tariffication

How to calculate dialogs price in WhatsApp Business API

  • WhatsApp Business API subscription costs 85$ per month. The subscription includes 1000 free dialogs. 
  • You can buy additional dialogs. Minimal package includes 150 dialogs, price – 17$. 

What is a dialog

If a customer wrote to your WhatsApp and you answered to the message, a 24-hour dialog opens. The dialog is opened even if a reply is sent by a chatbot. Within this period both you and the customer can write any number of messages and they all be free. 

What happens after 24 hours

If customer writes you again, new 24-hour dialog will open. If customer writes before expiration of the first 24 hours, the dialog will be extended. New count of 24 hours starts from the last customer activity, all messages within this period will be free. 

How to count 24 hours

ChatApp WEB has dialog indicators. If 24-hour period has expired and you can send only template messages to the customer, the indicator will be red. If the dialog is still open and you can send any messages to the customer, the indicator will be green.

How to write to a customer who doesn't write after expiry of 24 hours

You can send a template message to a customer. We provide a ready-made template agreed with WhatsApp in advance. All you need is just to add your text to the template.

How to pay for dialogs started by the company

As you send a template message to a customer a 24-hour dialog opens. If the customer answered you can send any number of messages to him within 24 hours, all for free. 

If the customer doesn’t answer you can send another template. All templates sent within 24 hours after the first one will be free. 

  • When company sends templates to a customer, the conversation is considered initiated regardless of whether the customer responds in the next 24 hours or not.  
  • All dialogs in WhatsApp are charged irrespective of who wrote first – the customer or the company. 
  • If the customer writes again within 24 hours, the dialog is extended for the next 24 hours, all messages within this period are free, there is also no need to pay for the dialog again. Only customer can extend the dialog!

I use less than 1000 dialogs in a month

Free dialogs will not add up and will not carry over to the next month if not used. All unspent free dialogs expire in the end of the month. WhatsApp price does not change if you use fewer dialogs. 

Purchased dialogs will be carried over to the next month if you have not used them.

What should I do if 1000 dialogs per month are not enough?

You can buy additional dialogs. Minimal package includes 150 dialogs, price – 17$. 

If you do not spend all purchased dialogs within a month, they will be carried over to the next one. Purchased dialogs will start to be spent after the free ones will run out. 

Example of cost calculation

Let's say you have an online store with one number of WhatsApp Business API. Up to 1150 of new customers write to you every month. Usually, conversation takes less than 24 hours because you solve customers’ issues quickly. Also, your messaging campaign involves 300 customers every month.

Your costs:

  • 85$/month – WhatsApp Business API account subscription.
  • 17$/month – dialogs started by customers (first 1000 of customers is free, remaining 150 cost 20 USD).
  • 34$/month – your messaging campaign (300/150*17)
  • Total: 136$/month

*If customers do not write to you in WhatsApp, your messaging campaign will be included to 1000 of free dialogs. In other words, your messaging campaign can cover 1000 users. 


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