How HR specialist could automate sourcing in Telegram / ChatApp
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1 year ago
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How HR specialist could automate sourcing in Telegram

Recruiters have to spend up to 50% of time for standard communication with candidates in messengers. They send conventional letters and answer the same questions. And a company pays to a person whose work could be done by a robot.

The price of hiring increases each year – based on study Society for Human Resource Management, it averages to 4129 $, or 6 weeks of payment 15$/hour for work. Especially the sourcing is complicated for mass positions – when you need to hire over 50 people to 1 position. In this case you need to source a wide pool of candidates and recruiter need to outreach with all candidates and find those who match. It’s a sustained and monotonous work.

Chatbots facilitate hiring process automation. The bot will do all the work - collect contacts, send personalized campaigns, answer FAQs and give the recruiter a list of best-matched candidates.

Automation of HR processes allows to:

  • increase hiring rate;
  • collect statistics;
  • simplify routine operations;
  • save recruiters time for more complicated tasks.
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Some statistics:

Automate hiring with ChatApp

ChatApp is a messenger aggregator for business. It allows to integrate messengers to CRM and communicate in all channels from one common window.

Imagine we need to hire a content manager. We want to outreach all members of “Work for content managers” group in Telegram. To do so we need to get contacts of all potential candidates and send them all an email campaign.

You can collect contacts with a special module – Telegram groups parser. We create a business account in Telegram, enter the required group and upload all the contacts using the Parser. As a result we get all data of potential candidates: full name, phone number in an Excel table. 

Then we set up an email campaign using this database. Service allows to use variables – they help to customize the message and avoid ban from Telegram for bulk messaging:

Then we set up possible answers from candidates and chatbot replies. For example, if candidate says: “Thank you, not interested”, the chatbot will answer: “Sorry for inconvenience. Have a good day!”. You can set up tags in ChatApp. Each candidate will be assigned with a specific status. For example, “refusal”, “candidate”, “does not match”. You can set up the chatbot to answer candidates FAQs and send them test assignments. Recruiter will receive a complete list with tags and will work with candidates who are interested in position.

Doing so we’ll save time of a recruiter and money of the company. In ChatApp you can connect personal account in Telegram just for 37$ per month. Moreover, you can create a chatbot which will write first to candidates. Integration with CRM is free! We will help to setup everything))))
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