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1 year ago
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👍 New level of customers’ support!

⏱ With increased number of customers in peak period, our tech support faced with a problem of timely processing of tickets, as a result the number of customers dissatisfied with waiting time has also increased. 
📬 We had too much chats, to deal with them all we would have to have a whole army of tech support specialists. And it always takes a lot of time to train new specialist and get them dived into the product, no matter how competent they may be. 
🏎 We had to reset promptly the whole process and implement new tools for tech support. Present functions of CRM systems do not allow to process tickets effectively, and we've concluded that additionally to a go-to selling and customers database maintenance tool - CRM we need a specialized tool to work with chats. And only using all its features to the maximum we can increase the service quality and customers loyalty, increase conversion and profit.

🥁 So! We are happy to share with new tools of ChatApp WEB contact center:

1️⃣ Automatic closure of marketing and service messages.  Your employees do not need to shovel "spam" and automatic messages, undivided attention is paid to customers messages only. 
2️⃣ Assignment of responsible and distribution of chats. Filter of responsible persons, adjustable and automatic distribution of chats among responsible persons.
3️⃣ Quick collection of customer contacts and additional data, prompt response. Automatic request of a customer for a relevant data even before operator connection;
4️⃣Collection of feedback for assessment of your team work quality, analytics;
5️⃣ Prompt search of negative tickets for quick response. Search of messages by key words.

♨️ On how to start using new features of ChatApp WEB read here:
Set up automatic closure of incoming promotional and service messages;
Responsible in chats. Filter of responsible persons. Automatic distribution of dialogs among responsible persons;
Scenarios of chats opening and closure
Starting and closing a shift. Distribution of responsible persons with chats opened;
Integration with CRM directly from a chat;
Set a task directly from
Handy database of quick answers from a chat;
Easy access to WABA templates from a chat;
Check a feedback and rate directly in a chat;
Analytics of employees work results;
Clients’ segmentation into categories. Interactive tags in chats;
Roles and rights in chats;
Lead scanner of chats, a tool reacting to adverse reactions in chats.

🔥 Now you can easily deal with the flow of messages from the whole bulk of channel and snatch all the opportunities to earn money😊