opening and closing a dialog

opening and closing a dialog

Dialogs do not open and do not interfere with your employees in a single messenger window ( if outgoing messages are sent by automation (Bitrix robots, salesbot amoCRM, mailing list).

  • Go to your ChatApp Dashboard and select "Bot" in the left side menu.
  • Click on the "Bot" button in the Navigation section:

Working with dialog - when opening a dialog

  • To configure the bot, select "Work with dialog - when opening a dialog":
  • Specify a message to send to the user when the dialog is opened (Actions “Send text” - on)


Working with dialog - auto-close

  • Select the item “Work with dialog - auto-close” in the “More” section:
  • Specify the parameters:
    • Last activity time for dialog auto-close, for example, 2 hours
    • “Send text” - enabled
    • Text to auto-close the dialog
    • Close dialogs created automatically (by robots) - enabled

If the dialog was opened by an employee, the standard scheme with a notification and a rating request will work when closing, regardless of whether the dialog is closed automatically or manually.


The dialogs will not be opened by the bot if the "tracking" field contains the "auto" key when sending a message. For example:

"side": "out", "fromApp": { "id": "amo", "tracking": "auto" }


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