Easy Access to WhatsApp Business API Templates from a Dialog / ChatApp
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Easy Access to WhatsApp Business API Templates from a Dialog

WhatsApp Business API (WABA) is the official integration of WhatsApp for business. Most importantly, with the help of the WhatsApp Business API, business opportunities go to the highest level, as stability and reliability increase. These factors are one of the key factors in a successful business.

How to send a WhatsApp Business API template from the dialog?

Open the desired dialog in ChatApp Dialog
Click on the add + button
Select Submit Template
The WABA Templates section will be displayed on the right
Find a message template by search or by section.

A template message is a message created according to a specific template. It is designed to help the user, provide useful information or important data. Using template messages, you can initiate communication with customers and smoothly lead to sales or other targeted actions you need. The texts of template messages are subject to mandatory approval by WhatsApp. We have prepared the templates to be validated by WhatsApp and suitable for your business purposes:

  • Authentication - account verification, account recovery, account integrity issues
  • Marketing - Sending promotions, offers, information, or calls to action to customers
  • Utility - Processing specific requests or transactions, sending customers updates on the current transaction
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