Creating a task in CRM from ChatApp Dialog / ChatApp
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Creating a task in CRM from ChatApp Dialog

1. Connect Bitrix24 to the company in the My Business section.

2. Go to ChatApp Dialog and log in.

3. Select a dialog and press the button and select CRM Data.

4. Write a title for the task and add a description.

5. Select which project to attribute the task to. ChatApp Dialog loads a list of projects from Bitrix24.

6. Select the task performer. ChatApp Dialog loads the list of Bitrix24 employees.

7. Select a due date for the task by clicking Select a date.

8. In the calendar that appears, select the day the task is due and click OK

 9. After selecting a date, you can save the task by clicking Save

The list of assigned tasks is displayed in the ChatApp Dialog and the Tasks section in Bitrix24.

By clicking on the created task in the ChatApp Dialog, you will be redirected to this task in Bitrix24.

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